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MetalstarTM and wolfrakote® Ancillary Products

If it moves on your machine, Chem-Trend has a product to keep it functioning at peak efficiency. The smallest moving part left to the wrong product can bring an 800 ton machine to a standstill. That's why MetalstarTM and Wolfrakote® brand ancillary products are not afterthought products in the Chem-Trend portfolio. These have been formulated to help clean, protect and lubricant machines with the performance expectations of our die and plunger lubricants.

Count on the proven performance of MetalstarTM and Wolfrakote® ladle coats, anti-solder compounds, quench compounds and other process lubricants and protectants to meet every need.

  • Assembly Lubricants
  • Toggle Lubricants
  • Anti-Solder Pastes
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Cleaners
  • Corrosion Protectants
  • Ladle Coatings
  • Start Up Oils
  • Quench Compounds
  • Trim Press Lubricants
  • Heat Transfer Fluids

A comprehensive range of Chem-Trend maintenance and process enhancing products keeps machinery running better and longer.

Product Types Form Application Area Application Methods Product Benefits
Anti Solder Pastes Paste On the die face Brush Localized solder protection,
improves release, reduces
Assembly Lubricants Oil-based paste Between tool and die Brush Good lubrication and water
resistance even at high
Cleaners Water-based liquids Die lube spray system Recirculation Removal of biological and
organic deposits leading to
improved spray patterns
Corrosion Protection
Aerosol or grease On die and machine parts Brush or spray Prevents corrosion and
increases part life
Trim Press Lubricants Water or oil-based liquid Trim press Spray Improves lubricity, extends
blade life, reduces energy
Ejector Pin Lubricants Oil-based aerosol
or paste
Ejector pins Brush or spray Improves lubricity, extends
pin life, reduces energy
Ladle Coat Oil-based paste On ladles and other areas
exposed to molten metal
Brush Increases ladle life and
reduces flash
Quench Compounds Water-based liquids Quench tank Periodic addition to tank Reduces oxidation on
Start Up Lubricants Oil-based liquids or paste On the die face Brush or spray Reduces scrap and shorter
time to reach operating
Toggle Lubricants Oil-based liquids or paste On toggles, die rails and
other high load areas
Metered drip or brush Improves equipment life,
reduces energy and flash
Hydraulic Fluid Water-based liquids Hydraulic systems on
Periodic addition to
Non flammable fluid
reduces risk
Heat Transfer Fluids Oil-based liquid Die temperature control
Periodic addition to
Inert fluid efficiently
controls die temperatures
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