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Sunalco Alloys Pvt. Ltd.
One of India's largest and futuristic Aluminium Alloy Manufacturers.

Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd is a leading aluminium alloy manufacturer in India, with the goal of recycling and processing every commodity in the most efficient, most sustainable, most affordable method possible. Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd was established in 2005, initially with a processing capacity of merely 500 tonnes per annum. Today, Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd is one of the industry leaders in India, with a production capacity of approximately 72000 tonnes per annum. Through implementing new technology into our manufacturing plant, we are able to uphold customer satisfaction and high quality products. Furthermore, at Sunalco Alloys Pvt Ltd, we firmly believe in hardwork and respecting all stakeholders, which has bolstered our progress and helps us standout from other companies in this industry.

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