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Safety-Lube® Die Lubricants

Chem-Trend die lubricants have been the industry standard of performance for almost fifty years. Our commitment to continuously advancing the performance of our technology has allowed Chem-Trend to offer high pressure die casters the most comprehensive product line of liquid and powdered die lubricants for aluminum, magnesium, zinc, squeeze and semi-solid casting operations. The demand for more complex castings and reduced processing times has lead to the development of products that address the most difficult process requirements:

  • High temperature die adhesion properties
  • Cleaner, installation-ready parts
  • Elimination of residues for better post-finishing and painting needs
  • Reduced micro-porosity
  • Improved insulation and laminar fill properties
  • Environmentally-friendly products

Chem-Trend offers an extensive range of die lubricant technology created to address the most demanding of die casting processes.

The table below offers a sampling of our products and applications.

Casting Type Typical Applications Typical Alloys Die Temperature Product Benefits
Large Aluminium
Automobile power train
components, engine blocks,
transmission cases
EN 46000 and EN 46100
250ºC to 400ºC
(482ºF to 752ºF)
Excellent solder protection
and release
Long-flow Path
Aluminium Castings
Instrument panels, chair
bases, radiators
EN 46000 and EN 46100 175ºC to 350ºC
(347ºF to 622ºF)
Excellent metal flow and
solder protection
Mid-sized Complex
Aluminium Castings
Motorcycle components,
heat sinks, motor
ADC12, A380, A390 150ºC to 300ºC
(302ºF to 572ºF)
Excellent metal flow
and release
Squeeze Castings Wheels, rocker arms , upper
arms, engine mounts, brake
housings, disc drive housings
A356 and A357 250ºC to 300ºC
(482ºF to 572ºF)
Excellent temperature
control and low porosity
Magnesium Castings Mobile phones, laptop
covers, steering wheels,
handheld appliances
AZ91D, AM50, AM 60 and
other newer alloys
150ºC to 350ºC
(302ºF to 662ºF)
Excellent metal flow and
surface quality
Zinc Castings Automotive components,
plumbing and housing
fixtures, zippers
Zamak 3, Zamak 5 80ºC to 250ºC
(176ºF to 482ºF)
Rapid release and
excellent finish
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