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Krownmatic Dosing Furnace
Krownmatic Dosing Furnace

The KROWNMATIC Dosing Furnace is Specially developed to obtain high quality casts with minimum energy consumption. The Possibility of including other components make this furnace the ideal one for structural parts and thin walls with high mechanical properties.


Power Efficiency. Electrical consumption 1/3 less than traditional holding furnaces

Precision in dose +/- 1%

Aluminum loses under 0,05%

Mechanization succes thanks to the reduction of hard points

25% increase of the mechanical properties after minimizing Aluminum Oxide

Temperature accuracy +/- 2 Cº

Loading during dosing

Less compressed air consumption due to the not total despressurization (< 10m³/h average)

General Description

The KROWNMATIC is a holding furnace without a cruible heated by silicon Carbide rods that incorporates an electrical dosing system. The framework is isolated thermally and manufactured in Carbon Steel. The lining is done with refractory reinforcement concreete resistant to Aluminium. This concrete has a great strength and tendancy. Do to the high quality of the refractory and by implementing a proper maintenance. Over 10 years of useful life of the machine can be reached.

Krownmatic Dosing Furnace
Krownmatic Dosing Furnace

The KROWNMATIC furnace is tailor-made and adaptable to each customer's needs. Tell us about your production characteristics and together we will give you the best solution.

  • Degassing System through Porous Plugs to introduce a noble gas such as N2 or Ar in order to improve the Aluminum density and its homogenization.
  • Possibility to choose different component brands that are part of the furnace.
  • Ladder and security barrier.
  • Interface: Profibus or Profinet Communication.
  • Automatic Biscuit Correction.
  • Dosing tube self-cleaning system for a better maintenance and to ensure precision in the dosing process.
  • Remote assistance to ensure a quality after-sales technical service.
Krownmatic Dosing Furnace
Krownmatic Dosing Furnace
New Developments
Krownmatic Dosing Furnace
Krownmatic Dosing Furnace
Krownmatic Dosing Furnace
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