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Melting Shaft Furnaces
Melting Shaft Furnaces

KROWN Melting Shafts Furnaces guarantee optimal manufacturing conditions for Aluminium Foundries, minimizing metal losses, optimizing process and assuring the high quality of the metal manufactured.

General Description

Each KROWN Melting Shaft Furnace is designed to work with a full filled funnel that allows taking advantage of the energy generated. For this, every furnace includes a laser scanner to control the level of the filling funnel in order to do the optimal loading. The heating system installed inside the melting chamber also performs the function of preheating the material loaded in the filling funnel.

All the components included in the KROWN Melting Shaft Furnaces are standard to ensure an easy maintenance of the furnaces.


Low power consumption

Minimum Aluminum losses

Optimal Quality of the metal

Long useful life of the refractory

Low maintenance costs

Melting Shaft Furnaces
Melting Shaft Furnaces

The KROWN Melting Shaft Furnaces are tailor-made to satisfy the specific need of each customer. Tell us about your production characteristics and together we will give you the best solution.

  • Degassing System throughout Porous Plugs to introduce a noble gas such as N2 or Ar in order to improve the Aluminum density and its homogenization.
  • Remote assistance to ensure quality after-sales technical Service.
  • Weight cell for load control.
  • Buffel: avoids temperature losses during the times that the Melting Tower is not at work.
  • Flap valve: allows control of the internal pressure of the equipment reducing the power consumption.
  • Tailor-made charger in size and shape according to client´s needs.
  • Iron Cast launder for a better safety during the extraction of the metal throughout the plug.
  • Fume hood in the cleaning doors.
  • "Banana": recovery fumes system only for tilting furnaces.
Models & Technical Data

The holding chamber is placed under the melting chamber. The extraction of the metal is done through the plug.

New Development

Melting Shaft Furnace with Hydraulic tilting System

Model Holding Capacity (Kg) Melting Rate (Kg/h)
KTS 750/350 750 350
KTS 750/500 750 500
KTS 1000/500 1000 500
KTS 1000/750 1000 750
KTS 1500/1000 1500 1000
KTS 1000/1250 1500 1250
KTS 2000/1250 2000 1000
KTS 1000/1500 2000 1500
Melting Shaft Furnaces
Fix Melting Shaft Furnace
Melting Shaft Furnaces

The holding chamber is lined up with the melting chamber.

The extraction of the metal is done by tilting through the plug.

Model Holding Capacity (Kg) Melting Rate (Kg/h)
KTF 1500/750 1500 750
KTF 1500/1000 1500 1000
KTF 2000/1000 2000 1000
KTF 2000/1500 2000 1500
KTF 3000/1500 3000 1500
KTF 3000/2000 3000 2000
KTF 4000/2000 4000 2000
KTF 4000/3000 4000 3000
KTF 6000/2000 6000 2000
KTF 6000/3000 6000 3000
KTF 6000/4000 6000 4000
Tilt Melting Shaft Furnace

The holding chamber is lined up with the melting chamber.

The extraction of the metal is done by tilting through hydraulic system

Model Holding Capacity (Kg) Melting Rate (Kg/h)
KTT 1500/750 1500 750
KTT 1500/1000 1500 1000
KTT 2000/1000 2000 1000
KTT 2000/1500 2000 1500
KTT 3000/1500 3000 1500
KTT 3000/2000 3000 2000
KTT 4000/2000 4000 2000
KTT 4000/3000 4000 3000
KTT 6000/2000 6000 2000
KTT 6000/3000 6000 3000
KTT 6000/4000 6000 4000
Melting Shaft Furnaces
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